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Monday, July 25, 2011


Why are you afraid?
Afraid to be the person you want to be
Afraid to be yourself
There is nothing to be afraid of

Take my hand
We have the strength within
It is there
From the beginning it was
Placed there
For a reason
A purpose

God, Inner Spirit
Jah, Chi
Many names, same energy
The synergy
That’s released when
Two bodies become one
Beauty in its most empirical form
Call it what you will
But in it all
There is the connection still

The trouble is
We are timid
Complacent in our
Two-by-four space
It’s not a disgrace
To want to move at a different pace

There is nothing to be ashamed of
No guilt required
Unburden yourself
Your friends
Will understand
What you really need
What you really desire
To be the man
Of your future lover

Take my hand
I am your inner spirit
I am your muse
Unlock me
Set me free
To be
Your creator of self

It is time
She waits…….

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