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Thursday, February 3, 2011


I am here.
I reside between two pillars of strength.
At times I seek solace in my own thoughts.
My inner workings irritate me on the lunar cycle….
But that is Nature’s instruction sheet,
Preparing me for the ultimate task.

I have seen the faces of my two children.
I have watched them enter the world…..
Screaming and kicking,
Warm and bloody,
Sticky, with their protective cases now dismantled.
They take their first breaths.
My job is complete.

I no longer live for others to direct.
I am my own symphony.

The years have been kind to me.
I have had some interesting visitors.
A few have come to dinner….
Fully clothed in the finest prophylactics.
Then there were those….
Who wished to ride with me into the sunset.
Bucking and hollering,
Sweat glistening off their manly selves
As they dismounted and withdrew.

(Smile) I have fond memories of those escapades.
Yes, I have had a few enjoyable times….
Flavors of the month, I called them.

Sigh! Over the past decade….
The excitement has waned.
The routine became mundane.
I was lucky to even break a sweat.

But Fate can be kind…..
I was presented with a gift.
A bit late, but he came.
Totally unexpected this was.

 Hours and hours we spent….
Exploring each other’s hidden secrets
Using our whole being to touch and drink,
Hold and sip

I am awake again.

I have peaked.

Can you hear me?
I no longer whimper.
Hear me roar!

I am coming!

Photo compliments
DeOlivere Greenidge
NIFCA Award 2008


  1. love this cher keep them coming i'm enjoying them this is very touching

  2. greatttttttttttttt, this is a collector's item

  3. i like it! it was very provocative and sexy and it tells a tale that i believe most if not all women can relate too.

  4. Thanks Jew....for taking the time to read...you may enjoy SISTERS...keep reading!

  5. Wow,i'm awe-stricken... you're extremely talented. Your work speaks volumes, truly an artistic individual! God's speed on your reinvention journey!


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