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Monday, November 28, 2011

Connect to my Second Blog.......

Hi Guys

You can connect to my second log CherInsight  as well to check up on the new poetry and so on......

Here is the link   http://cher-insight.blogspot.com/

Would love to see you there.....


RESPECT is earned...

Dear Parent

Dear Parents

This is an open letter to you. Today I am particularly frustrated with a situation that has been ongoing and has come to the first stage of what I am sure is going to be an ending that will be very bitter in the mouths of many.

Why do you insist on the double standard? Your children learn from you, from your actions  and from your lives. You are the example. 

Children have an instinctive love and obligation for and to their parents. But as they grow and become more aware all the veils are lifted and your true self is revealed. 

‎#parents need to #respect their children especially when they are grown men and women.
Respect is earned.        It is not a parental right!!

I may not be the 'perfect'  parent but I have always given my children space to grow...they will make their mistakes, I will  make mine....but I can never blame THEM for the choices I have made.....how do we expect them to respect others and the world around them if we do not teach them the process.....forgive my ranting but I am frustrated with some members of the OLDER 
generation....whose membership I think should be revoked forthwith!

Children, you cannot cure others of their blind ignorance. You can only keep the light burning inside of you to guide them when they decide to open their eyes.

Annoyed Mother
Looking on from the outside

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hey guys

Its been great here.....but I am moving through a paradigm shift.....why don't you join me....my new blog space is called


Experience the SECOND LEVEL journey with me.......

Lets Go!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011


she held her life in her hands
as if it were a  hot potato
skin scorched
burning to touch
up down up down
in the grip of hysteria
by despair
bird sings
no one hears
no one cares
no one fears
for her life


Placental rupture
Life is stalled, two as one no more.
Reflection is critical now

Pain and hurt, tears will flow
No answers and no redress, no bless
We question the Almighty One

With temperance the reasons unfold
As Hope whispers the womb to heal
In time new birth will come

Man and woman join once more
Love transcends as nature holds fast
The euphoria of life abounds


Why are you afraid?
Afraid to be the person you want to be
Afraid to be yourself
There is nothing to be afraid of

Take my hand
We have the strength within
It is there
From the beginning it was
Placed there
For a reason
A purpose

God, Inner Spirit
Jah, Chi
Many names, same energy
The synergy
That’s released when
Two bodies become one
Beauty in its most empirical form
Call it what you will
But in it all
There is the connection still

The trouble is
We are timid
Complacent in our
Two-by-four space
It’s not a disgrace
To want to move at a different pace

There is nothing to be ashamed of
No guilt required
Unburden yourself
Your friends
Will understand
What you really need
What you really desire
To be the man
Of your future lover

Take my hand
I am your inner spirit
I am your muse
Unlock me
Set me free
To be
Your creator of self

It is time
She waits…….


of light music

Creative library of fine melody
echo a more com-pre-hen-sive advantage

Ama-z-ing des-cent

Di-ver-si-ty so unusual
modern scientists visualize celestial ocean
source space age project
for more
skanky roots

Mad Mission

I con-trol mem-ory
                      Natural flavour


Hey friends

I know I have been away for awhile, but it was a well needed break...a lot of really good stuff happened since last we spoke...and some disappointing stuff as well....but hey, we know its a journey yea....

So, I am now preparing for NIFCA and getting my pieces ready....on a few days leave so I intend to work hard on it since I only have til Aug 12 to hand everything in.....

I have a few new pieces to post....you may see that my style has changed, or if I am allowed to say, developed a bit.....your comments on this would be welcomed and remember you can do it anonymously if you like...

So, I promise not to be away for so long again......

Blessings to all of you


Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The wind blows and most of us are totally unaware of the effects. Yes we feel the coolness on our cheeks, but often time we are not in sync with the energies that ride on the pulse, the forces that sway the course of events.

Over the past few weeks it seems as if I became central to the perfect storm. My feelings and thoughts fought hard against the vengeful assault of the disruptive aura of the many.

I am still fighting.....I am still fighting....the battle is yet to be won......

Friday, June 17, 2011

MY ANTHOLOGY...Now Available on KINDLE


Dearest friends... my Anthology is now available on KINDLE at only US$6.95.  I hope you will enjoy it in this format...I am working on the spoken word companion now....

Blessings to all of you.

Saturday, May 28, 2011



I  have compiled my poems and prose for your reading enjoyment.  It is now available for purchase on Amazon by this link (US$9.95).  I am grateful for your support.

Blessings to All of You

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


lift me up and take me 
hold me in your embrace
feed my soul clear my mind
let me see my love's true face

give me knowledge, give me strength
countenance to see
clarity and understanding
make that my blessings be

I allow no one to define me
my spirit guides within
your energy I savor
the earth, the seas, the wind

we need to be more cognizant
of life, of love, of peace
respect our earth, our fellow man
if not, it all will cease

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Note to My Love

My Love,

What words do I use
to tell of my love for you?
My heart is no longer troubled
Missing beats no longer I fear

I may not say this often
as at times I am scared that
if I do say
I would turn you away
Stay with me

True measure of this concept
we do not possess
We imagine it is beyond where our minds can best
perceive its tangibility

I wish not for eternity
I will live for today
I will cherish your presence 
The air we breathe


I am in love with you

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Anthology is Complete

My Dearest Friends

My Anthology is complete and should soon be published.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for supporting me during the past few months.  My writings do not end here.
I will continue to pen what inspires and strengthens me.  

This anthology is wonderfully illustrated with photographs an artwork of my dearest DeOlivere. Most of the works contained are the pieces on this blog, but new photos and editing of some of the pieces have been included.

It should be available on Amazon within the next few days and I would hope that you would consider acquiring one as a keepsake.

Again thanks to all of you

Blessings be


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Sunrise

early morn dim sky
rays orange red racing fast
dew glistens I breathe

eyes open squint now
bright yellow fills room warm glow
movement everywhere

praises be love sings
life calls I answer smiling
thank you I am here

Monday, March 7, 2011


tingling down our spines
hot breath musk bodies tighten
as one vertigo

Sunday, March 6, 2011


voice whispers eyes cry
heart bleeds soul dies body lifeless
ashes to ashes

new day will soon come
tears moisten ash damp earth heaves
green blades smile thru life

get up get up now
sorrow's time is no longer
love's embrace feels warm

hope lives on in me
conviction is positive
I am me again

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Journey Continues.....

Another chapter in the journey starts this week...the beginning of the re-location.

It's gonna be a hectic twenty days starting today...but I gotta do it. I am also shuffling this exercise with finishing my anthology for publication.

There will be many swings and turns over the next few days, I am sure of this, but I will remain positive and be there to support my family.

So friends,

Thanks for reading..stay in touch and enjoy the works.  I am eager for comments as you guys don't seem to want to write..only read

But not to worry, I love that you come to visit here with me..that is what is important.

So any of you who wish to drop me a note or a line...feel free....

and I promise...my poetry will start getting a bit brighter...the darkness is lifting...

Blessings be


Friday, February 25, 2011


Enjoy the simple
Resplendent in her glory
Mother Nature smiles


perfect sphere silver
tidal pull ebb low and far
time for sand in toes

hot body cool waters 
dipping toes in frothy waves
sizzling couple re-engage

eastern breezes touch skin
swollen mouths cool souls refreshed
love burns hot again

It's Time Again

sun's first rays glimmer
dew sparkles birds sing melodies
coffee black and sweet

Bon Nuit

darkness swallows eyes
closing around textures smooth
the sandman cometh

Thursday, February 24, 2011


The connection was made in a virtual world
We stroked each other's imagination
At over ninety clicks a minute
Digits dancing, letters racing

He wishes to hear my voice
I shudder at the thought
Would he be disappointed?
Or would he reel from my sweet rhythms?

I gave in
Oh the silky texture, the smooth tenor
He touches me, stirs me nether
This ethereal space is no longer enough.

We broke through the barrier
Physical bonds were made
No longer needing ions and pulses
Sweat and sinews replaced

The adrenalin still races
Over time and numerous places
Our connections are secured
We are each other’s love
Transcending time, voices and spaces

Sunday, February 20, 2011




I have listened to your advice
You insisted on telling me how it was
For you as a girl
And how you did this and that.

I tell you I am tired
I am not listening anymore.

I have taken your advice
And where has it gotten me?
Right here!
Just where I DO NOT want to be!

From now on,
I don’t need you, I don’t want you
I am not listening to you.
But…you can no longer hear me.

You are no longer with me.
You are in another place giving advice.
Being yourself.
Why were you never your true self with ME
Why all the pretense,
Why all the hypocrisy.
It was not necessary.

I would have still loved you
Always, I would have
But you kept a wedge between us
I cannot understand why you did this
But you did
And now,
You are gone.

Where are you when I need the strength
I saw in you when I was a child
I cannot reach you.
I am angry!
Do you understand?

I am your child
You left me
I hate that
But, I know
I can never hate you
I will always love you,


Friday, February 18, 2011

PREPARATION of the ANTHOLOGY - My Request of You

Dearest Friends

I humbly thank you for the time you have been taking to read my work. It has been wonderful.

The encouragement has been overwhelming and hence I am moving onto the next phase of my journey.

I am preparing my anthology to be published within the next few months.  Your comments and support have been so genuine that I wish to capture some of these within the works.

I am therefore respectfully asking of you if you would take the time to read a few of the pieces and make comments on them (albeit anonymously) so that I may quote some of them within the biographical pages of the anthology.

I look forward to hearing from you and again thank you so much for your interest.



Tuesday, February 15, 2011


How are you feeling?
Many ask this of me.
Do you really care?
Do you really want to hear
My reply or are you just saying this to be polite.

I think it is the latter,
But since you asked…..

I am not well today.

In body, I am fine.
In spirit, well that’s firmly entwined
In the strands of disappointment, duplicity and deceit.

Almost three years have passed
Since the pain of notification
The abject mortification and emotional isolation.
What’s happened to my dreams?
My wishes, my goals….
My white picket fence and my swing garden seat?

They are gone,
They have been stripped
Of all substance and form.
The wings of my somnial angel clipped
The body is broken
The appendages shorn.

Why did you do this?
Tell me!
I ask again, why?

We were soul mates, lovers,
“Til death us do part”
Is that not what you told me?
So why spear my heart?

Was it all just a farce?
A fa├žade, an affectation?
Amusement for you
With your audience of one.
Now I stand here alone
But I sing the last song.

Be gone from me, Lucifer
You raper of dreams.
My soul will not be assaulted
And abused by your schemes.

I have hope, I have life!
I am strong, I will heal!
I care not for you or your need to repeal!

I will live with this scar
You have inflicted on me.
The hurt and the pain, remains here, but see
The throbbing fuels my strength of that I am sure.
I stand here, I breathe
And I scream

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The interlude.... before the Journey continues

My Dearest Friends

It has been almost three weeks since I have started writing. The experience has been awesome and even more inspiring when I realize that so many of you, all over the world, from USA to Bermuda to the Netherlands have been taking the time to read.

My first post was written in prose and it was only after a good friend told me that what she was reading was really poetry, and she then reformatted one of the pieces, that I understood what she was saying.

It was as if I was hit in the face with cold water. My nerves tingled and I felt a wave of excitement that was unexplainable. I saw for the first time, my feelings, my thoughts, in verse, in print.  From that moment onward I just let the spirit guide me and the energy move my pen ( or fingers on keyboard for that matter).

So, this is a short interlude where I wish to express my heartfelt thanks for your support. I would encourage you to comment as often as you wish ( you can do this anonymously as well). It is important to me to understand the reaction and the emotion that is precipitated when you read the work.

I will be preparing my anthology very shortly and will let you guys know when it is available.

Take care of your selves. Let the spirit within guide you and the warmth of nature's arms embrace you.

Your are blessed.

Until we me again.



Monday, February 7, 2011


They label me.
They think I am confused.
It is they that are blind.
Am I out of my mind?

How do these all apply?
I have chosen a path for myself,
And society says, that’s why.

Society has determined that I require
Certain fineries and clothing, specific attire
To distinguish myself from the other sentient beings.
And when I respond that this is not crucial
To the breath that I take or the nourishment I desire,

They brand me,
And shun me,
Medicate me.
Deprecate me.
Smother my joy and belittle my feelings,
Just because I choose not
To conform to their pleadings.

Are we not our brother’s keeper?
Do we not treasure this life?
I am not a monster or a mutation!
So why demand penance and absolution
From me?

Let me be!

I struggle each day with the choices I’ve made.
It pains every second, all friendships have faded.

But I am what I am
And it leaves me forlorn.
I am here,
Let me live,
I am, Androgyny, so torn.

Photography by
DeOlivere Greenidge
copyright 2009

Saturday, February 5, 2011


You made your presence felt,
Twenty minutes ahead of me.
I had the greater difficulty
As my exit was blocked with a melt of
Entangled umbilical and placenta spent.

Despite my later arrival
And my critical but brief
Oxygen deprival
I made my presence felt.

Our mother laid us both on her weary breast,
Feeling our little bodies rise and fall
With each gasping breath
And there we made our first bond.

You are my sister, and that you will always be.
I love you as much as life itself,
But I will never understand why
You always must deny
The equality that we share
But needs to compare
And pontificate to all and sundry
The deficiencies you see in me.

You were the pretty one, the one so fair.
The girl with the light green eyes
And curly long hair.
But I was the one who made everyone stare

My hair was nappy
And my teeth were crooked.
My body pear shaped
And my gait flat-footed.

Every game we played,
The other girls called you first.
You were always the centre of attention
And I felt like your curse.

But you are my sister, and I love you.

A time will come when the pretty baubles
And the fancy jewels
Are no longer worn by you.
Your beauty will fade
And your hair will thin and then,
What you have left
Is all that you have nourished within.

I will still love you.

Here I stand in your shadow
I cannot come clear.
I try to share, how I feel about
Your lack of care of my presence and my desires.
But to say this to you
I cower in fear.

But, Sister I must now let you know
That it all was a show.

When our lives finally stall
And we take our last call,
The truth is the star
And the way that you are
Was entirely encouraged
By me.

Photography by
DeOlivere Greenidge
copyright 2009 

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I am here.
I reside between two pillars of strength.
At times I seek solace in my own thoughts.
My inner workings irritate me on the lunar cycle….
But that is Nature’s instruction sheet,
Preparing me for the ultimate task.

I have seen the faces of my two children.
I have watched them enter the world…..
Screaming and kicking,
Warm and bloody,
Sticky, with their protective cases now dismantled.
They take their first breaths.
My job is complete.

I no longer live for others to direct.
I am my own symphony.

The years have been kind to me.
I have had some interesting visitors.
A few have come to dinner….
Fully clothed in the finest prophylactics.
Then there were those….
Who wished to ride with me into the sunset.
Bucking and hollering,
Sweat glistening off their manly selves
As they dismounted and withdrew.

(Smile) I have fond memories of those escapades.
Yes, I have had a few enjoyable times….
Flavors of the month, I called them.

Sigh! Over the past decade….
The excitement has waned.
The routine became mundane.
I was lucky to even break a sweat.

But Fate can be kind…..
I was presented with a gift.
A bit late, but he came.
Totally unexpected this was.

 Hours and hours we spent….
Exploring each other’s hidden secrets
Using our whole being to touch and drink,
Hold and sip

I am awake again.

I have peaked.

Can you hear me?
I no longer whimper.
Hear me roar!

I am coming!

Photo compliments
DeOlivere Greenidge
NIFCA Award 2008

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Blessings to all of you.....
We are here on this earth for a purpose.
We must treasure the time we have in view.
A wise man once said "If you only knew......
How much time you had left and translated it to months
what would you do ?"

Truth be told I didn't know.
But my intention was to show.
That I was going to consider this information anew.

I calculated mine.
With three score and ten being the time,
I possessed two hundred and fifty two.
With this knowledge what should I do?

I pondered long and hard...
I felt troubled with this precious ward.
Then it came to me.

I was to be....
A Keeper of Faith and Blessings be!
A Mother, a Lover, a Friend in need,
A Counselor, a Mentor, yes all of these.

I have been bestowed a gift.
A precious vessel for life....
To keep safe and treasure until my life's breath is taken
And so, I rejoice in my new awakening.

Be true to yourself....
and always be kind.
Never, ever forget.....
That we are given much, but what we don't control.....


Thursday, January 27, 2011


You see me….
 but you don’t see me.
What you perceive is what I allow.

I bare my true self to no one.
At times…
not even to myself.

What do you think of that?
What do you think of me?
Do you consider me a liar?
A  fraud?

You with your judgmental, sanctimonious self!
I don’t want to hear you!

Are you any different?
I think not.

You with all your preconceived notions,
All your hypocritical ways…
And you want me to be like you….

Ha Ha.. I laugh
I can never be like you,
I don’t want to be you….

But wait…..
Who is that in the mirror?
I do not recognize the face….
I hear the voice,
I see the lips move,
I feel the breath on my fingers…

Who are you?
Oh Lord, it cannot be!
It is you…
It is me….
We are the same.

What lies within?
You will never know. 

This is the Audio/Video for this piece