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Thursday, January 27, 2011


I have embarked on a journey....
not one of my own volition.

I have packed the necessities....
observation, intuition, vigilance....

Am I ready....
of that I can never know for sure.....
but I am off.

This is taking a while....
my body is weary and my will is slipping.
I ask myself constantly
“Is this worth it…is the price too high?”

There is too much riding on this…
too many people depending on me.
What if I fail?
What if I let myself  be steered by the destiny….
of others?

That is NOT acceptable!
I am in control of my own destiny.
I make my own choices.

I will not let others swing me between their slimy grasps…
and have me be a spectacle for their amusement.

I am at the fork in the road.
Which path should I take?

My mind no longer has all the solutions.
I will close the windows of objectivity
And let my consciousness guide me.

My being hurts.
The pain is intense in my shoulders.
I want to scream…..
But there is no one to hear me

The fork seems ominous…
I cannot see the end of each path…..
it is hidden from me.
But I know, in the end it will all be revealed.

Do I still take this path alone….
am I alone?

The energy of this life.
The warmth of nature’s arms.
The spirit within me




  1. Very Captivating and Awe Inspiring.I'm look forward to you to be published very soon and I want a signed copy of that first book please!

  2. thanks to.... u this is very inspirational,continue to keep up the good work.

  3. Your kind words keep me going.....Blessed Be

  4. i'm crying :( cause this is exactly how I feel right now .... but i'm really trying to find that
    "warmth of nature’s arms" cause i could sure do with a hug right now

  5. No need to cry.....she will be there for you if you give her the chance

  6. Wow .... this has taken my emotions for a wough ride ! i cant wait until the day i can shout free of this bondage . Thanks cher looking forward to reading more , this truly is helping me and realising im not first or neither am i going to be the last !

  7. Yes my friend...I am on the journey..your pain is shared by others, actually many...we are not alone....I would encourage you to read the other pieces


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