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Monday, November 28, 2011

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Hi Guys

You can connect to my second log CherInsight  as well to check up on the new poetry and so on......

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RESPECT is earned...

Dear Parent

Dear Parents

This is an open letter to you. Today I am particularly frustrated with a situation that has been ongoing and has come to the first stage of what I am sure is going to be an ending that will be very bitter in the mouths of many.

Why do you insist on the double standard? Your children learn from you, from your actions  and from your lives. You are the example. 

Children have an instinctive love and obligation for and to their parents. But as they grow and become more aware all the veils are lifted and your true self is revealed. 

‎#parents need to #respect their children especially when they are grown men and women.
Respect is earned.        It is not a parental right!!

I may not be the 'perfect'  parent but I have always given my children space to grow...they will make their mistakes, I will  make mine....but I can never blame THEM for the choices I have made.....how do we expect them to respect others and the world around them if we do not teach them the process.....forgive my ranting but I am frustrated with some members of the OLDER 
generation....whose membership I think should be revoked forthwith!

Children, you cannot cure others of their blind ignorance. You can only keep the light burning inside of you to guide them when they decide to open their eyes.

Annoyed Mother
Looking on from the outside

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hey guys

Its been great here.....but I am moving through a paradigm shift.....why don't you join me....my new blog space is called


Experience the SECOND LEVEL journey with me.......

Lets Go!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011


she held her life in her hands
as if it were a  hot potato
skin scorched
burning to touch
up down up down
in the grip of hysteria
by despair
bird sings
no one hears
no one cares
no one fears
for her life


Placental rupture
Life is stalled, two as one no more.
Reflection is critical now

Pain and hurt, tears will flow
No answers and no redress, no bless
We question the Almighty One

With temperance the reasons unfold
As Hope whispers the womb to heal
In time new birth will come

Man and woman join once more
Love transcends as nature holds fast
The euphoria of life abounds


Why are you afraid?
Afraid to be the person you want to be
Afraid to be yourself
There is nothing to be afraid of

Take my hand
We have the strength within
It is there
From the beginning it was
Placed there
For a reason
A purpose

God, Inner Spirit
Jah, Chi
Many names, same energy
The synergy
That’s released when
Two bodies become one
Beauty in its most empirical form
Call it what you will
But in it all
There is the connection still

The trouble is
We are timid
Complacent in our
Two-by-four space
It’s not a disgrace
To want to move at a different pace

There is nothing to be ashamed of
No guilt required
Unburden yourself
Your friends
Will understand
What you really need
What you really desire
To be the man
Of your future lover

Take my hand
I am your inner spirit
I am your muse
Unlock me
Set me free
To be
Your creator of self

It is time
She waits…….