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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I was once asked

."If you could go back in time,what advice would you give to yourself 10 years ago?"
Whenever I think of that question I smile.....hindsight is 20-20....and we wish we could have been blessed with the visual acuity to see and the advanced mental capacity to understand every situation before we ventured into it.  But that would make life very boring and plagued with no challenges at all.  How would we build our characters, our personalities, our idiosyncrasies.

But, I thought, how would I change it.  Having the power to change a time-line cannot be taken lightly as the actions and purposes that are affected are infinite. Would your good friend of recent times still be your good friend today. Would passing that mirrored surface on the street of hundreds, that one glance you gave your self, of yourself, and you saw how despaired you looked, how down trodden and defeated, if you hadn't looked...would you have made the effort to walk a bit taller and straighter and had the courage to tackle your demons head on....probably not.

So, is the question pointless.....I don't think so.... my answer.... 

                   I needed to take control of my life....I needed to understand and recognize what was good   for ME.....and not what the status quo told me was good for me...I pride myself in being logical and analytical...I also know that I am intuitive and my gut works very well (smile) 

Since then, I have attempted to take control of my life.....

But I am not so sure I have achieved the goal.....if I had..that may have been the content of my first post (wink).....

I know I must continue on my journey....the challenges, the heart break and the realizations.

They will come.  They will hurt.  They will be conquered.  I will be strong.  Where do I find my strength?  In my conviction.......

                      I AM HERE FOR A REASON....I HAVE A PURPOSE....I WILL FIND IT !!!

Until we meet again my friend.......

Be steady in your walk....be vigilant in you stride....be purposeful in your being.....be sensitive in your touch.

You make a difference to the world.....you are blessed.



  1. Such strong and inspiring words, Cher. You just made my night. Opened my eyes to some other truths.

  2. Thank you Sweet for such nice words....I am happy they have made a difference....If you have the time you can read the other posts...I just complete "The Most Beautiful Arch"....Blessings to you and yours


  3. Another outstanding piece.Great work!


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