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Thursday, January 27, 2011


You see me….
 but you don’t see me.
What you perceive is what I allow.

I bare my true self to no one.
At times…
not even to myself.

What do you think of that?
What do you think of me?
Do you consider me a liar?
A  fraud?

You with your judgmental, sanctimonious self!
I don’t want to hear you!

Are you any different?
I think not.

You with all your preconceived notions,
All your hypocritical ways…
And you want me to be like you….

Ha Ha.. I laugh
I can never be like you,
I don’t want to be you….

But wait…..
Who is that in the mirror?
I do not recognize the face….
I hear the voice,
I see the lips move,
I feel the breath on my fingers…

Who are you?
Oh Lord, it cannot be!
It is you…
It is me….
We are the same.

What lies within?
You will never know. 

This is the Audio/Video for this piece


  1. i like this ... you should read this sometime somewhere

  2. Welcome to the Blogger family CHER... you are off to a good start.



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