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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


How are you feeling?
Many ask this of me.
Do you really care?
Do you really want to hear
My reply or are you just saying this to be polite.

I think it is the latter,
But since you asked…..

I am not well today.

In body, I am fine.
In spirit, well that’s firmly entwined
In the strands of disappointment, duplicity and deceit.

Almost three years have passed
Since the pain of notification
The abject mortification and emotional isolation.
What’s happened to my dreams?
My wishes, my goals….
My white picket fence and my swing garden seat?

They are gone,
They have been stripped
Of all substance and form.
The wings of my somnial angel clipped
The body is broken
The appendages shorn.

Why did you do this?
Tell me!
I ask again, why?

We were soul mates, lovers,
“Til death us do part”
Is that not what you told me?
So why spear my heart?

Was it all just a farce?
A fa├žade, an affectation?
Amusement for you
With your audience of one.
Now I stand here alone
But I sing the last song.

Be gone from me, Lucifer
You raper of dreams.
My soul will not be assaulted
And abused by your schemes.

I have hope, I have life!
I am strong, I will heal!
I care not for you or your need to repeal!

I will live with this scar
You have inflicted on me.
The hurt and the pain, remains here, but see
The throbbing fuels my strength of that I am sure.
I stand here, I breathe
And I scream


  1. I love this Cher! It is powerful and captures well the disappointment and pain of some aspect of human interaction and the resilience of the human spirit.
    Keep the expressions going.


  2. You let God walk beside you and you will never be alone. Man disappoints eventually....


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