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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The interlude.... before the Journey continues

My Dearest Friends

It has been almost three weeks since I have started writing. The experience has been awesome and even more inspiring when I realize that so many of you, all over the world, from USA to Bermuda to the Netherlands have been taking the time to read.

My first post was written in prose and it was only after a good friend told me that what she was reading was really poetry, and she then reformatted one of the pieces, that I understood what she was saying.

It was as if I was hit in the face with cold water. My nerves tingled and I felt a wave of excitement that was unexplainable. I saw for the first time, my feelings, my thoughts, in verse, in print.  From that moment onward I just let the spirit guide me and the energy move my pen ( or fingers on keyboard for that matter).

So, this is a short interlude where I wish to express my heartfelt thanks for your support. I would encourage you to comment as often as you wish ( you can do this anonymously as well). It is important to me to understand the reaction and the emotion that is precipitated when you read the work.

I will be preparing my anthology very shortly and will let you guys know when it is available.

Take care of your selves. Let the spirit within guide you and the warmth of nature's arms embrace you.

Your are blessed.

Until we me again.



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