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Monday, February 7, 2011


They label me.
They think I am confused.
It is they that are blind.
Am I out of my mind?

How do these all apply?
I have chosen a path for myself,
And society says, that’s why.

Society has determined that I require
Certain fineries and clothing, specific attire
To distinguish myself from the other sentient beings.
And when I respond that this is not crucial
To the breath that I take or the nourishment I desire,

They brand me,
And shun me,
Medicate me.
Deprecate me.
Smother my joy and belittle my feelings,
Just because I choose not
To conform to their pleadings.

Are we not our brother’s keeper?
Do we not treasure this life?
I am not a monster or a mutation!
So why demand penance and absolution
From me?

Let me be!

I struggle each day with the choices I’ve made.
It pains every second, all friendships have faded.

But I am what I am
And it leaves me forlorn.
I am here,
Let me live,
I am, Androgyny, so torn.

Photography by
DeOlivere Greenidge
copyright 2009

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