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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Journey Continues.....

Another chapter in the journey starts this week...the beginning of the re-location.

It's gonna be a hectic twenty days starting today...but I gotta do it. I am also shuffling this exercise with finishing my anthology for publication.

There will be many swings and turns over the next few days, I am sure of this, but I will remain positive and be there to support my family.

So friends,

Thanks for reading..stay in touch and enjoy the works.  I am eager for comments as you guys don't seem to want to write..only read

But not to worry, I love that you come to visit here with me..that is what is important.

So any of you who wish to drop me a note or a line...feel free....

and I promise...my poetry will start getting a bit brighter...the darkness is lifting...

Blessings be


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