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Saturday, February 5, 2011


You made your presence felt,
Twenty minutes ahead of me.
I had the greater difficulty
As my exit was blocked with a melt of
Entangled umbilical and placenta spent.

Despite my later arrival
And my critical but brief
Oxygen deprival
I made my presence felt.

Our mother laid us both on her weary breast,
Feeling our little bodies rise and fall
With each gasping breath
And there we made our first bond.

You are my sister, and that you will always be.
I love you as much as life itself,
But I will never understand why
You always must deny
The equality that we share
But needs to compare
And pontificate to all and sundry
The deficiencies you see in me.

You were the pretty one, the one so fair.
The girl with the light green eyes
And curly long hair.
But I was the one who made everyone stare

My hair was nappy
And my teeth were crooked.
My body pear shaped
And my gait flat-footed.

Every game we played,
The other girls called you first.
You were always the centre of attention
And I felt like your curse.

But you are my sister, and I love you.

A time will come when the pretty baubles
And the fancy jewels
Are no longer worn by you.
Your beauty will fade
And your hair will thin and then,
What you have left
Is all that you have nourished within.

I will still love you.

Here I stand in your shadow
I cannot come clear.
I try to share, how I feel about
Your lack of care of my presence and my desires.
But to say this to you
I cower in fear.

But, Sister I must now let you know
That it all was a show.

When our lives finally stall
And we take our last call,
The truth is the star
And the way that you are
Was entirely encouraged
By me.

Photography by
DeOlivere Greenidge
copyright 2009 

1 comment:

  1. This is very powerful Cher! You have captured the dynamics of the sisters relationship well. I love your honest and free expression. You are indeed a talented writer.

    Good luck with the anthology. Remember once the energies is behind it, it will manifest.
    Blessing Bx


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